Exploring Downtown Fredericksburg, VA

Fredericksburg, Virginia is known as the childhood home of George Washington and the location where the Battle of Fredericksburg was fought back in 1862. It also served as a major port during the colonial era.

Walk the streets of the historic district and experience sights of centuries past. The quaint city is home to more than 350 original buildings and mansions from the 18th and 19th century, as well as countless living history museums, shops, restaurants, and art galleries.

Explore downtown Fredericksburg, VA and the 40-block National Historic District.

Fredericksburg’s Historic District

The historic district in Fredericksburg is filled with things to do and see. Start at the Fredericksburg Visitor Center where you can get information on the area’s main attractions and create your own walking tour. Be sure to add the following attractions to your must-see list:

  • James Monroe Museum and Memorial Library – Located at 908 Charles Street, the museum serves as the country’s largest collection of documents and artifacts relating to James Monroe, the 5th president of the United States.
  • Mary Washington House – Just a few blocks up at 1300 Charles Street is the Mary Washington House where George Washington’s mother lived for the last 17 years of her life.
  • Rising Sun Tavern – Built by George Washington’s brother Charles around 1760, the Rising Sun Tavern at 1304 Charles Street is a historic building that later became a tavern in 1792.
  • Kenmore Plantation – Kenmore, located at 1201 Washington Avenue, is a brick mansion and the prior home of George Washington’s sister, Betty Washington Lewis. Tour the grounds and the first floor of the home.
  • Mary Washington Grave and Monument – Mary Washington was buried in Fredericksburg beside a place she enjoyed visiting, the “Meditation Rock.” You can find her grave and monument at 1500 Washington Avenue.
  • Hugh Mercer Apothecary Shop – Situated at 1020 Caroline Street, the restored apothecary acts as a museum of pharmacy, medicine, political, and military artifacts.
  • Fredericksburg Battlefield Visitor Center – If you would like to learn more about the battles that occurred in Fredericksburg during the civil war, head to the Battlefield Visitor Center at 1013 Lafayette Boulevard.

Fredericksburg National Military Park

The Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania National Military Park acts as a local memorial for the four battles that were fought in the area during the Civil War. Within the park visitors will discover several buildings that also have significant ties to the war, including Salem Church, Ellwood Manor, and Chatham Manor which is the house where Stonewall Jackson died. The park also offers walking tours of the battlefields, as well as two visitors centers containing information and exhibits.

Fredericksburg’s Main Street District

Fredericksburg, VA is a vibrant community that caters to all types, from families to history buffs. One of the best ways to explore the downtown area is with a guided trolley tour that provides guests with entertaining insight on the city’s past. Some key sites on the tour include the Kenmore Plantation, Mary Washington’s home, and the Fredericksburg Civil War Battlefield. These tours run daily at the Fredericksburg Visitor Center, located at 706 Caroline Street.

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Top Reasons Why Most Startups Fail

failSuppose you have a simple startup, such as a tree service business and you want to steer it to success. How would you go about it? From lack of market research, financial problems to constituting the wrong team, there are many reasons startups fail. This articles examines in summary while most startups run out of business within the first three years of their operations. Any entrepreneur serious on running a successful business should try as much as possible to avoid these key reasons.

Let’s have a look;

Lack of Market

Lack of market is understandably the top reason why most startups go out of business. It is understood that most businesses close shop because of lack of market demand for the products or services they might be offering. This prevents them from gaining traction they need for them to survive. When you are thinking about creating your own products, consider solving a genuine problem that exists in the market. Prepare a product that your market can appreciate as a true solution to the problems they are facing.

Financial Problems

Many startups run into trouble because they lack the cash needed to accelerate and sustain business operations. They run into insufficient funds required to cover operations and this cripples most of them. An equally opposing scenario is where a startup receives too much cash and misappropriated such cash, only for them to suffer in the longer run.

Wrong Team

It is very important to have a cohesive team that is able to understand each other and work together to achieve the goals of a company. Such a team should have diversified skills required to ensure startup success. 23 percent of startups fail because they do not constitute the right team to take care of business operations, innovations, research and other sectors vital for startup success.


Every business faces some form of competition. Competition is one key issues that sinks startups. Even when you build better products than what is available in the market, other large companies or new startups will come to build similar or related products and flood the market. However, having the first mover advantage can be very important in ensuring you can deal with new competitions in a relatively easy manner.

Other reasons why startups fail include pricing issues, poor product, and bad business model, ineffective marketing, not being customer-centric, poor timing among others. It is very important to analyze all these factors keenly before starting a startup, to reduce chances of failure.

Best Ways to Accelerate a Business

accelerateWhen starting out a business such as a towing business , new business owners have numerous goals including rapid growth and recognition in their field. There is not a specific formula when it comes to accelerating business growth, else everyone would universally use the method. However, there are practical and actionable tips that can help you in the process of accelerating your business. Here are important tips you need to follow if you need to achieve growth faster.

Control the Market

Most startups fail to recognize their potential and do not seize the opportunity to control their market by being aggressive enough. They normally avoid the temptation to overspend during their early days. You need to ensure that the cost of acquiring a customer is less than the lifetime value of that customer. When you recognize that your business has a proven model, what you need next is to ensure that you bring to board the right team to help you with scaling. You need to work your way your way up to shut off any competition that comes your way.

Expect managerial changes

ManagerThe rate at which your business can invest is determined by the amount of available capital. It would be a bit easy to raise capital when you have reached a product that is fit for the market and have a repeatable and scalable sales model. At that point, you will find it is very important to have an experienced executive that can help in managing all operations. You will need to make different managerial changes that help bring on board new skills.

Experiment with pricing

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Customer before product

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Why you Should Invest in Real Estate in Fredericksburg VA

Fredericksburg Virginia is one of the richest cities regarding historical and cultural charm. The city which was founded during the colonial era is home to many architectural buildings and historical sites, making it highly popular amongst tourists from all over the US. Real estate investment in Fredericksburg VA is fast rising due to the high traffic of tourists who visit the city.

Here we look at what the city offers in terms of real estate. Potential investors pondering over whether or not they ought to invest in real estate in Fredericksburg should consider these ten reasons:

Wide range of houses.

Fredericksburg offers a wide array of properties. Whether you want commercial or residential properties, you are assured of finding real estate properties that fit within your budget and suits your preferences. You can also choose from modern buildings to old and historical buildings.

Historical architecture.

If you are attracted to historical architecture, then the real estate market in Fredericksburg will leave you spoilt for choice. Many buildings have been conserved in their original form and this provides for a rich canvas of architectural properties to choose from.

High rental potential.

Fredericksburg hosts approximately 1.5 million tourists every year, and this should be excellent news for any real estate investor who needs rental income. The high traffic of tourists that flock the city throughout the year can easily make for excellent tenants during their visits to this historical city.

Commercial hub.

Fredericksburg was originally loved by colonial Royals and transformed into a commercial hub due to its strategic location and the Rappahannock River that provided a port. The commercial presence of Fredericksburg has continued to grow, and the fact that it is located halfway between Richmond and Washington DC makes it a popular location for many investors. Commercial buildings can host the many businesses that keep growing in this city.

Good prices.

Unlike other cities, the real estate market in Fredericksburg still offers favorable prices for potential investors. For as low as $50,000 you can secure yourself real estate properties in this beautiful and culturally rich city. This makes the city suitable for real estate investors who are working with low budgets.

Strategic location.

Fredericksburg is located strategically between major cities and states. This makes it an easy commute for those who want to live in the city and work, study or run businesses from other locations. As a real estate investor, you are guaranteed of easy access of Fredericksburg from surrounding locations.


Potential flips.

So many home buyers today look for fixer-uppers to renovate and customize. The essence of this is to spend less money and transform the house to suit personal preferences. If you are an investor who is interested in the fixer uppers and home flipping business, then Fredericksburg will offer you an array of options.

Good education facilities.

For many families, finding homes that are near good schools is a major factor. For the real estate investors who want areas with reputable education opportunities, Fredericksburg is a good option because it is home to some of the best schools and colleges.

A variety of activities.

If you want to buy property in an area that is full of activities and excellent events, you will not regret investing in the real estate market in Fredericksburg. This city is rich in historical and cultural sites which you can visit and never get tired of. Additionally, you can also engage in water activities in the beautiful River Rappahannock. For social butterflies who like to mingle and make new friends, this touristic city will provide you the best opportunity to meet as many people as you can imagine.

Good infrastructure.

Fredericksburg might have been devastated by the battles that took place in its vicinity during the Civil War, but its infrastructure has since been repaired. This city is well connected within and outside making it easy to move around. The historic features that have been preserved make it even more beautiful.

All the above reasons notwithstanding, Fredericksburg is a city that has many real estate properties, and you should therefore not worry about a competitive market. Whether you want a home for your family or a holiday getaway-cum-rental property, Fredericksburg will meet your real estate needs as an investor.

Historic Sites in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Fredericksburg, VA is an extremely popular destination for tourists. This is mainly attributed to its rich culture and history. The town which was founded by colonialists is also home to the famous Battle of Fredericksburg, VA which occurred in 1862 during the Civil War. The combination of its colonial roots and Civil War roots has made Fredericksburg a popular tourist destination that attracts around 1.5 million visitors every year. If you are looking to visit Fredericksburg shortly, you should check out the following historical sites:

Chancellorsville Battlefield.

This famous site is where General Robert E. Lee and Jackson led their troops to victory against the Union Army between April 27 and May 6 186, pushing their opponents back across the Rappahannock River. During this famous war, General Jackson who is also infamously referred to as the “Stonewall” was mistakenly wounded and killed by his own troops. The site consists of the Chancellorsville Visitor Center where exhibitions of the aftermath of battle are shown.

Additionally, the Center also shows a short film of about 20 minutes explaining how the battle occurred. Outside this site, you have the option of visiting the monument that marks the approximate area where the opponent army General Jackson was wounded during the May 2nd battle. Furthermore, tourists can also venture further to the Jackson Trail, which is a route depicting how General Jackson led his troop to the battle. This site is open daily from 9 to 5 except on major holidays such as New Years Day, Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Chatham Plantation and House.

This famous Chatham House is considered one of the most beautiful houses in Fredericksburg and the US at large. Overlooking the Rappahannock River, the Chatham House is an eighteenth-century plantation that was created over two centuries ago by William Fitzhugh and has great architectural views as well as a beautiful garden.

Its historical charm is based on the fact that the Union Army used it as a hospital during the famous Battle of Fredericksburg. During the Civil War, most of its property was looted but this was restored and the house transformed into a private residence. In 1975, Chatham House was given to the National Park Service which has used it to display its historical charms and show films that describe its history.


Fredericksburg Battlefield and Visitor Center.

This historical site represents the scene of the famous battle which is considered the deadliest of all Civil War battles. Between December 11 and December 13, 1862, General Ambrose Burnside of the Union Army led his troops in a bruising battle against General Robert Lee of the Confederate Army. General Lee’s men defeated the Union Army, killing 13,300 troops. If you visit the Fredericksburg Battlefield, you should first go to the Visitor Center where you will see exhibitions from the war as well as a short film explaining the events that took place during the famous battle. You can then proceed to the Sunken Road where the heaviest fighting took place and also visit the national cemetery where the soldiers who died in the battle were buried.

Fredericksburg/ Spotsylvania Military National Park.

This Park is open throughout the year except on major public holidays, and it can help you learn more about the four main battles that were fought in Fredericksburg during the Civil War. This site has many historians who give guided tours for visitors that seek more information on the Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Wilderness and the Spotsylvania Court House Battlefields. You can get audio-visual presentations as well as museum exhibitions that explain the occurrences in the four battlefields.

Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center.

If you want to learn more about the historical facts of Fredericksburg and Virginia as a whole, this touristic site is the place to visit. The site, which is based in the historical town hall or market house and the Planters National Bank Building of 1972, has seven exhibition areas as well as three changing galleries where historical exhibits of Virginia ae displayed. From the history of the Virginia Indians to the colonial era and the civil war, this site is a gem for history lovers. You can also lean about the evolutionary War, World Wars I and II as well as African-American history and slavery.

Overall, these five touristic sites will provide any visitor with a rich historical perspective of America especially with regards to colonialism, Civil War, and civil rights. Additionally, tourists who are keen on historical buildings will enjoy the unique architecture of Fredricksburg buildings.

The Civil War of Fredericksburg, VA

Civil warBefore the civil war, the city of Fredericksburg had been a colonial city, which had developed into a commercial spot. Due to the presence of the port and the development of infrastructure that connected the city to nearby towns and other cities, Fredericksburg grew into a trade hub and was favored by the colonial elite.

During the civil war, the city of Fredericksburg was affected once again because of its strategic location. It was located halfway between the main capitals of the warring parties, and this is attributed to the Battle of Fredericksburg which to date is considered one of the deadliest and most fierce battles during the Civil War period.

Confederate Army of Northern Virginia Vs. The Union Army of the Potomac

Around November 1862, Major General Ambrose Burnside of the Union Army of the Potomac had made plans to cross the Rappahannock River, which was located in Fredericksburg with his troops. He planned to attack his opponents, the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia in their capital of nearby Richmond. However, bureaucratic delays thwarted these plans, and General Robert E. Lee of the Confederate Army moved his troops towards the river to prevent the Union troops from crossing it.

On 11th December 1862, Major General Burnside and his Union Army had already constructed the bridges needed to cross the river and began crossing the river. However, they were confronted by the Confederate Army and by December 13th, 1862, the Union Army had to concede defeat.

So fierce was the Battle of Fredericksburg that the Union Army lost 13,300 of its soldiers while the Confederate Army had only 4,500 casualties. This battle was won by the Confederate Army, and it was not surprising that six weeks after the battle, President Abraham Lincoln replaced Major General Burnside as the commander of the Army of Potomac.

The Aftermath of the Battle of Fredericksburg

The Battle of Fredericksburg had devastating effects on the town. It resulted in the loss of property and caused a lot of damage to the infrastructural facilities that had been put in place to facilitate trade. The roads, buildings, and property worth millions were destroyed during this battle.

To date, there are areas of the battlefield that have been preserved and converted into a museum. The city of Fredericksburg has indeed used the devastating aftermath as a means of making money because it receives more than a million visitors every year.

Though the Battle of Fredericksburg resulted in many casualties and led to massive destruction, the city itself remains popular. It was rebuilt and certain parts preserved for touristic purposes. This has made Fredericksburg to attract a lot of tourists who want to see and experience its rich history.

The historical battlefield serves as a reminder of the American Civil War and is used as a historical point and class. The commercial prosperity of Fredericksburg was not tarnished by the war and to date, Fredericksburg is still commercially popular due to its strategic location between Washington DC and Richmond. It is considered one of the historically and culturally rich cities in the US.

Top 5 Must Visit Attraction Points in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Fred attractionsAre you looking for attraction sites to visit in Fredericksburg, Virginia? With many attraction points in and around Fredericksburg, Virginia, you might be confused about where to have experience fun, whether you live there or are just visiting for a vacation. To help you out, we have picked 5 of the best attraction points that you must visit.

Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park

Have you heard of the American civil war? Fredericksburg was an important battlefield for the war, and this is the best attraction point to get all the facts right. If you want pristine battlefields, an even better park staff, great stories to make you have the best experience possible, then the National Military Park is a must see. It is spread over 8,000+ acres in 4 counties and the town of Fredericksburg, along with historic buildings like Chatham, Ellwood, and Jackson Shrine. You sure will enjoy. Easy access to Interstate 95 – the main Interstate Highway on the East Coast of the United States, for those heading north and south. It is a treasure in the Civil War Community.

The Rising Sun Tavern

You might think Fredericksburg Virginia was all about the civil war, but visiting the Rising Sun Tavern will change your mind. It was built by George Washington’s brother Charles around 1760. In 1792, the building frame became a Tavern when the Wallace family purchased it. By visiting this place, you will understand that Fredericksburg is about more than the civil war. The young ladies who guide you through this home give you an understanding of what tavern life was like in Colonial America. From their amusing talk, it is educational and fun for the whole family.

Old Town Fredericksburg

Fred attractions 2Are you an art lover? Visiting this place, by visiting this place, you can explore than antique shops, art galleries and studios, more than 100 boutiques, and a varied of dining establishments concentrated in the area. For those who love shopping, the shopping district is located in Fredericksburg’s National Historic District that is filled with more than 350 ancient 18th-century buildings.

There are several fashion boutiques, several clothing stores and beauty and body shops like Ladyburg which sells locally made lotions and potions. For crafting and scrapbooking, there are also several stores to support your hobby including the well-stocked Lord and Lilly’s. At Fredericksburg Visitor Center you will find maps, brochures, and a video presentation to enhance the visit.

Smith Bowman Distillery

If you would love some fine distilled whiskey, this is the place to visit. Apart from getting your drink, you will receive a private tour of the facility from the Bowman attendants. You will know how alcohol is made, the bottling area, where the barrels are checked in and filled, to the selection room. If you would like to test different brands, you get to try about everything they have on site, from bourbon, gin, vodka, to rum.

James Monroe Museum and Memorial Library

A fascinating site where you can learn about and see additional artifacts from former US presidents. You will get to see the exhibits and information from the Monroe White House. Other artifacts from the descendants of James Monroe too.

Escape to Fabulous Fredericksburg – Oktoberfest

oktoberfestFredericksburg is a favorite city in Texas with lots of activities and events for tourists and residents alike. The Oktoberfest is one of the extremely popular Fredericksburg festivals, and it has been running every year since the beginning of October. Basically, Oktoberfest is an event that brings together people from different parts of the world to celebrate the German culture, food, language and music amongst other things. Although this festival is not restricted to German revelers, it is mainly centered on the German culture.

When and Where?

Oktoberfest has usually held annually on the first weekend of October. It is a major festival in Texas and usually receives high attendance from people across the world. The location of the Oktoberfest is the Marktplatz, Fredericksburg, which is in downtown at the Market Square. Fredericksburg is a city located between San Antonio and Austin. Fredericksburg is between 70-75 miles south of Austin and north of San Antonio. In 2016, the Oktoberfest will be held from 30th September to 2nd October. The three-day festival is expected to be full of enjoyment. The Friday events will take place between 6 pm and midnight while on Saturday events will run between 10 am and midnight. On the last day, events will run between 11 am and 6 pm.

What to Expect?

Since the Oktoberfest mainly celebrates the German culture, the festival is usually packed with German goodies. This includes different types of foods from Germany including the different meats, burgers, chips, and sausages. There are also special sweets and treats that both adults and children enjoy. Additionally, revelers can expect a variety of drinks especially frothy beers from Texas and alcoholic beverages that originated from Germany and other parts of the world.

There will also be artists who will be performing different songs. Being a German themed event, Oktoberfest plays a lot of German music, and many performing artists come to celebrate the German culture. There are many German bands that play during this event. However, you can also expect music from other parts of the world as well.

Children are also allowed in the Oktoberfest, and there are different activities and fun games lined up for kids of all ages. Whether it is face painting or bouncing castles and clown fun, you are guaranteed that your children will not get bored during this event.

Oktoberfest is an event that accommodates both adults and children. Adults pay more for entry tickets. However, pets are not allowed to this event. The only pets that can come into the festival are those that are used as human guides.

Fun for All

Oktoberfest guarantees revelers of all ages extreme fun as it attracts people from all parts of the world. For those who are more adventurous, dressing up in traditional German attire is allowed. Albeit, this festival brims with diversity, and you can be sure to meet people from many parts of the US and the world at large. With all the different tents and booths at the event, you are assured of having lots of fun and making friends during the Oktoberfest.

Exploring the Rich Culture of Fredericksburg, Virginia

In exploring the rich culture of Fredericksburg, whether you make it, purchase it or just view it, art and culture is an integral part of the quality of life in Fredericksburg. The beautiful city, located midway between Washington D.C. and Richmond Va, has numerous museums, theaters, galleries studios, and concert venues. Residents and tourists enjoy access to many of the world’s finest museums and arts events. The first Friday evening of each month, has Fredericksburg residents and visitors abound to the city’s vibrant cultural and entertainment events which include but not limited to art, music, shopping, and dining.


There are numerous museums in Fredericksburg. They include Aquia Church, one of the finest colonial church architecture in Virginia, and one of the rigorously used churches in America. Confederate Cemetery in Spotsylvania County, formed by local women concerned about the unattended plots, where they reburied about 600 soldiers in the year 1866. Ellwood, an 18th-century building which used as a Union headquarters during the May 5-6, 1864 Battle of Wilderness and Fredericksburg area museum center; this center, houses seven permanent exhibitions, and three changing galleries, that describe the history of the region.

Galleries & Studios

Frederick is a host to various galleries and studios. The arts in these galleries and studios can be enjoyed across the entire Fredericksburg region from the exhibiting arts at the University of Mary Washington and the Riverside Dinner Theater to Civil War photography to downtown galleries and studios. Some of the places include Art First Gallery, Founded in 1992, and it is the county’s earliest establishment of artist’s cooperative. Here you will enjoy artworks of various genres from traditional fine art to abstract, contemporary art works, Bluebird Stained Glass Studio; this is a store, gallery, and a full-service stained glass studio. Stocked with custom design work, kiln-fired pieces, jewelry, and mosaics that visitors enjoy.

Performing arts and theater

There are numerous performing arts and shows which contribute to the rich history and culture of Fredericksburg County. Visitors and residents enjoy arts from the following main theaters, Community Theater, Owned by Stage Door Productions, this place stages full-length plays, original one-act plays, and musicals. Dinner Murder Mystery; This center hosts interactive, original plays that have actual plots usually based on historical happenings. There is a troupe that performs family friendly plays in a dining setting called Entree Act.


Community members in Fredericksburg established the Fredericksburg Festival for the Performing Arts in 1988. The goal has been to serve the region with the highest quality performances of theater, music, and dance. The music performances include a diverse repertoire from jazz to classical. The Fredericksburg Festival for the Performing Arts (FFPA) is particularly proud of their outreach to children in the area with their variety of arts and events. They are a non-profit performing arts presenter. They operate with efforts from volunteers and funding from community-minded individuals and businesses and government grants. Visitors and residents enjoy their showcase each year in the Annual Chamber Music Festival.

Fun and Outdoor Activities in Fredericksburg Virginia

Fred funFredericksburg Virginia has a lot of fun and outdoor activities that residents and visitors can take part in as they have a good time and enjoy themselves. They include but are not limited to the following;

 Bowling Co.

A long-time bowling industry giant with more than two hundred locations across the United States offering two-hour bowling packages. Established in 1901. The abbreviation stands for American Machine and Foundry. It was in 1946 when the company introduces an automated pin spotter to the public and thereby made a huge splash in bowling.

As of today, AMF’s countrywide network of bowling centers is a source of year-round entertainment for all ages. This center offers a modern approach to custom bowling. It has high-end quality lanes, creative scoring systems and the ability to share performances on social media. They also have a lane-side food and beverage service.

Central Park Funland

This center has achieved success in the whole family fun industry. Here you have more than seven acres of indoor and outdoor space. There are more than 20 rides and attractions. You will find more than enough room for video and arcade games. This center records more than 90,000 guests of all ages in an all year round of fun and excitement.

Outdoor attractions such as go-karts that go speed up 20 miles/hour welcome visitors to the center throughout the sunnier months of the year. Events such as golf and other outdoor activities take a break in the snowy seasons of the year. Kids spend time playing 100 arcade games, from air hockey to ticket and prize games. There is a futuristic landscape that spreads over a large arena, and walls for rock climbing that stretch to the ceiling. Visitors can grab a meal and take a rest at the center’s cafe.

Heal Me Yoga

Heal Me Yoga focuses on health as much as flexibility. Yoga students in this center are trained with the sure guidance of the experienced trainers that practice the calm, meditative hatha yoga style. In each of the classes, the instructors this style’s long, slow movement technique to help bring to balance the energy of the mind and body and remove the stresses that can cause disease causing ailments.

Lake Anna Brewfest

Brewfest is a center for the celebration of local breweries, artisans, ad restaurants along the magnificent shores of Lake Anna. A beer along the shores is one of the ways to make the lake more beautiful. Lake Anna combines these two leisures together to bring fun in most of the spring afternoons. Visitors of 21 years and above get to sample craft beers from the county and from all over the country. Some of the activities that they experience during an afternoon of such an event include:

  • A variety of snacks to balance out the drinking from tents manned by local restaurants
  • Visitors under 21 enjoy bouncing castles and face painting
  • Visit booths of local artists and craftsmen
  • Enjoy the breeze along the shore with a pint and a Frisbee

The brew fest is run by a nonprofit foundation, Travel Lake Anna. The proceeds are given out as charity.