Exploring the Rich Culture of Fredericksburg, Virginia

In exploring the rich culture of Fredericksburg, whether you make it, purchase it or just view it, art and culture is an integral part of the quality of life in Fredericksburg. The beautiful city, located midway between Washington D.C. and Richmond Va, has numerous museums, theaters, galleries studios, and concert venues. Residents and tourists enjoy access to many of the world’s finest museums and arts events. The first Friday evening of each month, has Fredericksburg residents and visitors abound to the city’s vibrant cultural and entertainment events which include but not limited to art, music, shopping, and dining.


There are numerous museums in Fredericksburg. They include Aquia Church, one of the finest colonial church architecture in Virginia, and one of the rigorously used churches in America. Confederate Cemetery in Spotsylvania County, formed by local women concerned about the unattended plots, where they reburied about 600 soldiers in the year 1866. Ellwood, an 18th-century building which used as a Union headquarters during the May 5-6, 1864 Battle of Wilderness and Fredericksburg area museum center; this center, houses seven permanent exhibitions, and three changing galleries, that describe the history of the region.

Galleries & Studios

Frederick is a host to various galleries and studios. The arts in these galleries and studios can be enjoyed across the entire Fredericksburg region from the exhibiting arts at the University of Mary Washington and the Riverside Dinner Theater to Civil War photography to downtown galleries and studios. Some of the places include Art First Gallery, Founded in 1992, and it is the county’s earliest establishment of artist’s cooperative. Here you will enjoy artworks of various genres from traditional fine art to abstract, contemporary art works, Bluebird Stained Glass Studio; this is a store, gallery, and a full-service stained glass studio. Stocked with custom design work, kiln-fired pieces, jewelry, and mosaics that visitors enjoy.

Performing arts and theater

There are numerous performing arts and shows which contribute to the rich history and culture of Fredericksburg County. Visitors and residents enjoy arts from the following main theaters, Community Theater, Owned by Stage Door Productions, this place stages full-length plays, original one-act plays, and musicals. Dinner Murder Mystery; This center hosts interactive, original plays that have actual plots usually based on historical happenings. There is a troupe that performs family friendly plays in a dining setting called Entree Act.


Community members in Fredericksburg established the Fredericksburg Festival for the Performing Arts in 1988. The goal has been to serve the region with the highest quality performances of theater, music, and dance. The music performances include a diverse repertoire from jazz to classical. The Fredericksburg Festival for the Performing Arts (FFPA) is particularly proud of their outreach to children in the area with their variety of arts and events. They are a non-profit performing arts presenter. They operate with efforts from volunteers and funding from community-minded individuals and businesses and government grants. Visitors and residents enjoy their showcase each year in the Annual Chamber Music Festival.

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